Round tables and lectures for delegation leaders

  • 16.03.2019

During Round I of the Olympiad, the delegation leaders attended lectures and round table discussions.

The day started with a round table discussion on the topic: “Caucasus Mathematical Center at Adyghe State University. Regional centers for working with gifted children, new possibilities for collaboration in the field of mathematical education in the South of Russia.” The moderators were the Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Sciences at Adyghe State University, Deputy Head of Caucasus Mathematical Center at Adyghe State University (CMC ASU), Chairman of the Coordination Council of the Caucasus Mathematical Olympiad Daud Mamiy, Head of CMC ASU, Director of School of Applied Mathematics and Computer Sciences at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) Andrei Raigorodsky, research advisor of CMC  ASU, professor of MIPT Alexei Savvateev, Chair of the Laboratory of popularization and propaganda of mathematics at the Steklov Institute of Mathematics at the Russian Academy of Sciences Nikolai Andreev.

The discussion of mathematics continued at the lectures of Andrei Raigorodsky "Random graphs and their applications" and Nikolai  Andreev "Representing the world on flat surfaces: maps and paintings." Apart from the delegation leaders, students of the Regional  School for Natural Sciences and Mathematics in Maykop were present at the lectures.