Round II of the Olympiad

  • 17.03.2019

Today was Round II of the Olympiad. As in Round I, participants had to solve four problems in four hours. Many participants found the tasks difficult, but interesting.

“The tasks were difficult. I do not think that I did well, but I solve half of them for sure. This is my first Olympiad of this level, so I'm just glad to be here.” Lada Stafeevskaya, a participant from the Rostov region (Taganrog).

 “My impressions... difficult, but interesting tasks. In my opinion, an interesting task was this one: there are five consecutive numbers, can the LCM be equal to a square? ”. Alexander Klets, a participant from the Krasnodar Territory.

“Initially, of course, I was aiming for a victory, but I understood today that it is not so easy. Now, first of all, I want to get new knowledge and experience, and the best results are waiting for me to come! ”Alena Kononova, a participant from the Republic of Adygea.

"The problems of today's round seemed easier than yesterday's, so we hope that many of the answers to the problems of today's tour will be correct." Durmaz Andaç Yoğurtçu Ibrahim, participants from the Turkish Republic.