Game "Brain Battle"

  • 17.03.2019

For those who the Olympiad tour and the quest “Mathematical Running Maykop” were not enough, the organizers prepared a game “Brain Battle”. The game consisted of seven rounds, each with ten questions.

Round I - Guess the famous person from the photo;

Round II - Guess the famous person on a child's photo;

Round III - Guess the song played backwards;

Round IV - General knowledge quiz;

Round V - Guess what is hidden in the famous picture;

Round VI - Guess the country by the outline;

Round VII - Guess what is advertised in the poster.

The game involved nine teams. With a margin of 6 points, the team of the “Rabotyagi” won (Naniz Pshimaf and Bislan Ashinov from Adygea, Natalya Beberberdina and Maria Khristenko from Krasnodar Territory, Azamat Kardanov from Kabardino-Balkaria and Alexander Kozlov from Sevastopol)