Closing Ceremony of the IV Caucasus Mathematical Olympiad

  • 20.03.2019

Today ended the IV Caucasus Mathematical Olympiad, which hosted over 140 participants from 15 regions of southern Russia and 10 foreign countries.

During two rounds, young mathematicians solved problems and discussed their results together with the jury.

In addition to the competitive part, the program of the Olympiad included a diverse leisure program: games, the Adyghe dance club, a guitar evening, a disco, the Adyghe culture night, where participants tried Adyghe dishes. Participants visited the National Museum of the Republic of Adygea, the Cave of Nezhnaya and Pchelinaya.

Today, the closing ceremony of the Olympiad took place, where participants were awarded honorable mention certificates and diplomas for the first, second and third place in the senior and junior leagues.

Diplomas for I place in the senior league were awarded to:

• Danil Demin, Krasnodar Kray

• Maxim Omelchenko, Krasnodar Kray

• Andrei Kalihevich, Republic of Adygea

• Vladislav  Zverik, Republic of Belarus

• Mustafa Emir Celebi, Republic of Turkey

• Vyacheslav Bogatenko, Republic of Adygea

• Daniil Zavalinsky, Krasnodar Kray

• Pschimaf Naniz, Republic of Adygea


Diplomas for I place in the junior league received:

• Eldar Siyukhov, Republic of Adygea

• Semen Sevastyanov, Volgograd Oblast

• Milana Krasovskaya, Krasnodar Kray


Diplomas for II place in the senior league received:

• Ramil Dzhabiev, Azerbaijan Republic

• Abdulkadyr Buchaev, Republic of Dagestan

• Ilker Jan Cicek, Republic of Turkey

• Daniel Homza, Republic of Belarus

• Danila Zinchenko, Republic of Adygea

• Sukhrob Yusupov, Republic of Uzbekistan

• Ramazan Rabadanov, Republic of Dagestan


Diplomas for II place in the junior league received:

• Azamat Kardanov, Kabardino-Balkaria Republic

• Rustam Alyushev, Republic of Dagestan

• Tuguldur Davaatseren, Mongolia

• Vladimir Verdenko, Republic of Adygea

• Natalia Beberberdina, Krasnodar Kray

• Maria Khristenko, Krasnodar Kray

• Ralitsa Simova, Republic of Bulgaria

• Barysh Koyuncu, Republic of Turkey

• Ibrahim Fyrat Yogurcu, Republic of Turkey

• Erik Babasyan, Republic of Armenia

• Grigory Kiryanov, Krasnodar Kray

• Elina Chernysheva, Krasnodar Kray

• Mikhail Volodin, Volgograd oblast

• Andrei Goguadze, Republic of Adygea

• Ilya Ianin, Krasnodar Kray

• Ivan Dudakov, Rostov Oblast

• Vahagn Hovhannisyan, Republic of Armenia

• Budun Budunov, Republic of Dagestan


Diplomas for III place in the senior league received:

• Murad Agazade, Azerbaijan Republic

• Ayub Makhamaev, Chechen Republic

• Ruslan Pasternak, Republic of Adygea

• Irina Georgieva, Republic of Bulgaria

• Rasulbek Ozodov, Republic of Uzbekistan

• Sophia Fedorova, Krasnodar Kray

• Islam Emizh, Republic of Adygea

• Ankhbayar Bat, Mongolia

• Maxim Kazadaev, Stavropol Kray

• Horuzhy Timofey Viktorovich, Krasnodar Kray

• Nikita Sakharov, Republic of Adygea

• Alexey Bakhtin, Republic of Adygea


Diplomas for III place in the junior league received:

• Ruben Ambartsumian, Republic of Armenia

• Viktor Menkubushaev, Republic of Kalmykia

• Arseny Pimenov, Volgograd oblast

• Robert Zaks, Republic of North Ossetia - Alania

• Vladislav Karetsky, Krasnodar Kray

• Anna Kogan, Stavropol Kray

• Zhenya Yancheva, Republic of Bulgaria

• Iris Eyyuboglu, Republic of Turkey

• Mustafa Koyuncu, Republic of Turkey

• Vagram Asatryan, Republic of Armenia

• Hamlet Matevosyan, Republic of Armenia

• Dalayzayaa Amgalan, Mongolia

• Undral Otgonbayar, Mongolia

• Vladimir Astakhov, Rostov oblast

• Kazybek Bektemir, Republic of Kazakhstan

• Maxim Yakunin, Krasnodar Kray


Announcing the IV Caucasus Mathematical Olympiad closed, the Chairman of the Coordination Council D.К. Mamiy invited everyone to the 5th Olympiad, which will be held from March 13 to March 18, 2020.