The Caucasus Mathematical Olympiad is ON

  • 13.03.2020

Adyghe State University hosts a unique mathematical event today. The fifth Caucasus Mathematical Olympiad – 2020 united almost two hundred participants from fourteen Russian regions and a number of neighboring states and countries. 

The participants are winners and prize-holders of regional and national competitions in their home counties.

The current mathematical event will continue for the next five days. Apart from the competition itself, the program includes a daunting and entertaining immersion into the cultural, natural and historical background of our beautiful region. For those scientifically or academically inclined, there would be quite a number of open lectures and seminars to choose from. Music lover and hikers will find suitably arranged activities.

The Olympiad is held with the financial and legal backing of the Presidential Grants Program and is organized by:

  • Ministry of  Education and Science of the Republic of Adygea
  • ASU Caucasus Mathematical Center
  •  ” Non-For-Profit Organization “Center for New Technologies in Education ‘Matema’.”
  • Partner of the Olympiad – ITV | Axxonsoft Company.

Adyghe Minister for Science and Education Anzaur Kerashev was a guest of honor at the Opening Ceremony today. He remarked on the laudable geographical expansion of the event and the growing prestige of the Olympiad in the international academic circles. ⠀

The Jury consists of leaders of national teams – participants of prominent international mathematical competitions. Daud Mamiy – the Adyghe State University Rector is the Chairman of CMO events this year.

“I’m thrilled to meet guests and participants of the Olympiad. The main idea of the event is “Caucasus without borders” which stands for promoting friendships between school students of our respective countries. Enjoy the Olympiad activities and make the most of your stay in our sunny and beautiful Republic,” – greeted everyone Professor Mamiy.

The grand Opening Ceremony included entertaining performances from the best local bands and dancing troupes. The university’s own, band “Chocolate” contributed to the festivities as well.