CMO-2020 – Day One

  • 14.03.2020

The second day signified knowledge and hard work to the CMO participants.

The first round of the Olympiad went on in ASU’s third academic building.  Soon the schoolchildren will find out their preliminary scores. But right now, scientific adventures await:

Nikolay Andreev, a renowned Russian mathematician and CMO Jury member fascinated everyone with the intricacies of Mathematics and Music;

Andrey Raygorodskiy – author of over two hundred research articles and the recipient of 2011 Presidential Award instructed his audience on the criteria of choosing national Mathematics team worthy of world championships and the absolute necessity of popularizing the scientific wonder that is Mathematics.

RNSM School conference-hall hosted a panel discussion. The main topics, aside from CMC next step forward, was an expansive search for young and ambitious talent. School students from every region are entitled to equal self-improvement opportunities and fruitful exploitation of their talents.

After a day filled with hard and challenging tasks, the participants returned to their comfortable lodgings – and yet another entertaining lecture by Professor Raygorodskiy. Who could’ve thought that Math could be so funny?

But the prospective winners need their rest and entertainment like the rest of us. The evening passed more quietly, accompanied by guitar solos, Adyghe dancing, old memories and new friendships.

First day video

The first round is successfully behind us. The second is mere hours away, as is the list of preliminary scores. Don’t you wonder who is on it? See you tomorrow and good luck to all!