Caucasus Mathematical Olympiad 2020 – Round II

  • 15.03.2020

The second day brought around the next Round and a real chance for the participants to bring the victory home and amaze everyone with their problem-solving powers.

While teenage superheroes were busy seeking answers, their team leaders, CMO guests and university students attended a lecture on compiling Olympiad tasks. The speaker, Nazar Agakhanov, the Chairman of the All-Russian Schoolchildren Mathematics Olympiad, shared quite a few useful tips from personal experience.

The lecture was followed by a panel discussion on the newest and most rewarding preparatory techniques which enable the children participate in Math contests to the best of their abilities.

Today Maykop hosted a legendary event that celebrates Mathematics as a sport. “City Integral”, aka, “Mathematically Running Maykop” is a quest famous and greatly anticipated all over the world. Participants are welcome to choose either one of two specially devised and mapped out routes, filled with solving mathematical problems. The choices were “Euclid” (approximately 2,5 hours duration) and “Lobachevskiy” (about eight hours).

After all the problems have been solved and jogging distances coveed, the participants were treated to a hearty dinner and some games to pass the free hours before bedtime.

Tomorrow there will be a new day filled with new adventures, fresh impressions, and great discoveries. Stay tuned!