CMO – 2020: Day Off

  • 16.03.2020

After two whole days filled with problems – mathematical ones, of course – our young champions were entitled to a change of scene. It did not imply boredom . On the contrary, the children had a very busy schedule to follow.

  • Morning lectures with Professors Savvateev and Andreev charmed the sleep away from our young charges and introduced them to the beauty of Mathematics;
  • An outing to the movies with friends at the «IKOCinema»;
  • Lecture by Elena Bryzgalina about soft- and hard skills in higher education;
  • Adyghe dancing club;

And, of course, a disco night. And, trust me, these teenagers do know how to party.  What does tomorrow have in store? Can’t tell you, but you don’t want to miss it.

Third day video