Maykop hosts Opening ceremony for Caucasus mathematical olympiad

  • 13.03.2021

On March 12 the Assembly Hall of Adyghe State University (Maykop) became the venue for the Opening Ceremony of the 6th Caucasus Mathematical Olympiad. The Caucasus Mathematical Olympiad 2021 brings together near 170 participants from Russia, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Peru, Turkey, Belarus, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and other countries.

The Olympiad is organized by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Adygea and Caucasus Mathematical Center at Adyghe State University.

The event is sponsored by the Cabinet of Ministers of Adygea. The partner of the Olympiad is ITV | AxxonSoft.

As customary, the Olympiad motto is “Caucasus without borders!” This year the Caucasus Mathematical Olympiad welcomes 166 school students. Among them, 88 are from Southern Russia (Southern and North-Caucasus Federal Districts) and Saratov Oblast and 78 are foreign students from Abkhazia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Iran, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Peru, Serbia, Sweden, Switzerland, Tajikistan, Turkey, Uzbekistan.

The Russian students are participating in person whereas the foreign participants are going to solve various math problems online.

A livestream of the Opening Ceremony was available on the YouTube Channel of Caucasus Mathematical Center.

In his speech Anzaur Kerashev, the Minister of Education and Science of Adygea, noted that the Caucasus Mathematical Olympiad had acquired a great reputation over the years and continues to attract new participants from other countries.

This opinion was supported by Daud Mamiy, the rector of Adyghe State University and the mastermind behind the Olympiad:

“The Olympiad has now reached far beyond the Southern Russia. This year we welcomed participants from Latin America, Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East. When we first started this project, this was our goal – to attract talented kids here, to Adygea. And it is not only about mathematics because the main idea of our Olympiad is friendship. I hope this year we achieve this goal again – you make new friends and enjoy solving math problems and staying in Maykop.

Exactly 5 years ago, the Olympiad found some sort of a talisman — a mathematical tree of knowledge.  During the Opening Ceremony the tree lit up with bright colors marking the grandness of the event.

This year the honorary right to light the tree up was given to the youngest participant, Dzerassa Bezhaeva from North Ossetia. She was accompanied by the youngest member of the Jury, Danila Dyomin, who is also a student at the Phystech School of Applied Mathematics and Informatics and a gold medalist of the International Mathematical Olympiad 2020.

The audience was also entertained by on-stage performance groups from Adyghe State University and other parts of Adygea.

And now, the 6th Caucasus Mathematical Olympiad has officially begun! Round I and Round II are scheduled for March 13 and 14. The Awarding Ceremony will take place on March 17.

Aside from the competition, the participants are also invited to learn more about the nature, history and culture of Adygea, attend educational math and science lectures, take part in various fun cultural and sport activities.