CMO Chronicles. Day One

  • 14.03.2021

The first competition day of the 6th Caucasus Mathematical Olympiad is finally over. Although the tasks were challenging, the participants solved them with real enthusiasm.

Their eyes shining with excitement showed that math is in their blood and that the intricate and unconventional tasks prepared by the Problem Selection Committee of the Olympiad were just what those young hungry minds needed.

About 170 children participated in this Round of the Olympiad, including the participants from outside of Russia. After the Round was over, the participants who were able to come to Maykop had a photoshoot with the Jury.

Moreover, the volunteers of Dom Schwartza (the House of Schwartz) organization gave the Jury members a tour around Maykop showing them places from a famous writer Evgeny Schwartz’s life who spend his childhood and youth in Maykop.

Today, on March 14 (a very mathematical day since it is Pi Day) the participants will once again face challenging math problems during Round II of the Olympiad. Afterwards, at 15:30 they can join in the “City Integral. Schwartz’s theorem” game, which is dedicated to 125th birth anniversary of Evgeny Schwartz.