CMO Chronicles. Day Two

  • 14.03.2021

And the second competition day has almost come to a close. The participants finished solving the tasks that challenged their erudition, mental aptitude, mathematical prowess, and intellectual drive.

The work is over, now comes the most difficult part. Waiting. The Jury is working hard examining every work, and soon, on March 17, we will know who the winners are.

But while we wait, the Olympiad offers a diverse cultural program. The “City Integral. Schwartz’s Theorem” game was one of the most awaited events of this program. This year demonstrated again that intellect and healthy lifestyle come hand in hand.

More than 280 participants decided to explore the world of a talented Soviet writer and storyteller Evgeny Schwartz whose 125th birth anniversary was celebrated this year.

The route designed by a City Integral mastermind Daniil Musatov and volunteers of Dom Schwartza (the House of Schwartz) organization showed the participants places from the writer’s childhood and youth, intertwining fairytale with mathematics.

After the traditional morning task review the participants will play the Without Shazam game where they can try on the role of music experts and guess popular songs in a friendly atmosphere.

There are still two days left until the results, but they will sure be packed with activities. Tomorrow the participants will go to the foothills of the Western Caucasus, meet Andrei Raigorodsky and Alexei Savvateev, and spend a wonderful night listening to Sergei Dorichenko’s guitar play!

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