VIII Caucasus Mathematical Olympiad 2023

The eighth Caucasus Mathematical Olympiad will take place on March 9-14, 2023, in Maykop, Republic of Adygea. The organizers of the Olympiad are Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Adygea and Adyghe State University.

The Olympiad consists of two age leagues:

  • Junior League: students of Grades 8-9 of schools in Russia and students of equivalent grades in foreign countries;
  • Senior League: students of Grades 10-11 of schools in Russia and students of equivalent grades in foreign countries.

The Coordination Council invites students of Grades 8-11 of 15 regions in Southern Russia (Southern and North-Caucasus Federal Districts) and students of equivalent grades in other countries to participate in the Olympiad.

Apart from the competition, the program of the Olympiad will introduce participants to the nature, history, and culture of Adygea; the program will include popular lectures on Math and Natural Sciences, as well as various cultural and sport events.

Coordination Council

Problem Selection Committee


Problems (1st day)

Solutions (1st day)

Problems (2st day)

Solutions (2st day)

Protocols of the Olympiad

Program of the Olympiad

9.03 – Participants arrive
9.03 – Olympiad Opening Ceremony
10.03 – Round I of the Olympiad
11.03 – Round II of the Olympiad
12.03 – Free day
13.03 – Showing of the results
14.03 – Olympiad Closing Ceremony
14.03 – Participants depart