Трансляция церемонии закрытия IХ Кавказской математической олимпиады /Broadcast of the closing ceremony of the IX Caucasus Mathematical Olympiad

Трансляция церемонии открытия IХ Кавказской математической олимпиады /Broadcast of the opening ceremony of the IX Caucasus Mathematical Olympiad

Day of Rest

  • 18.03.2019

Today, participants of the IV Caucasus Mathematical Olympiad went on a trip to the foothills of the Western Caucasus. The most memorable moments of the trip was acquaintance with local animals, an observation deck, a hike to the Pchelinaya and Nezhnaya caves.

Game "Brain Battle"

  • 17.03.2019

For those who the Olympiad tour and the quest “Mathematical Running Maykop” were not enough, the organizers prepared a game “Brain Battle”. The game consisted of seven rounds, each with ten questions.

Round I - Guess the famous person from the photo;

Round II - Guess the famous person on a child's photo;

Round III - Guess the song played backwards;

Round IV - General knowledge quiz;

Round V - Guess what is hidden in the famous picture;

Round VI - Guess the country by the outline;

Round VII - Guess what is advertised in the poster.

Mathematical Running Maykop

  • 17.03.2019

Today, as a part of the IV Caucasus Mathematical Olympiad Caucasus Mathematical Center at Adyghe State University organized the quest “Mathematical Running Maykop.” One hundred teams 100 teams took part in it, which is twice as many as last year! Among the teams were the participants of the Olympiad, schoolchildren, students, employees of enterprises of the city of Maykop. More than 400 people gathered in the courtyard of the Regional School for Natural Sciences and Mathematics to start the math quest from there. During two and a half hours, the teams needed to visit as many points in the city from the given list as possible and solve as many mathematical problems as possible.

Round II of the Olympiad

  • 17.03.2019

Today was Round II of the Olympiad. As in Round I, participants had to solve four problems in four hours. Many participants found the tasks difficult, but interesting.

“The tasks were difficult. I do not think that I did well, but I solve half of them for sure. This is my first Olympiad of this level, so I'm just glad to be here.” Lada Stafeevskaya, a participant from the Rostov region (Taganrog).

 “My impressions... difficult, but interesting tasks. In my opinion, an interesting task was this one: there are five consecutive numbers, can the LCM be equal to a square? ”. Alexander Klets, a participant from the Krasnodar Territory.

Evening program

  • 17.03.2019

The program of the Caucasus Mathematical Olympiad includes a diverse cultural and leisure program. On the first evening of the competition, participants of the Olympiad had the opportunity to learn more about the culture of the host republic and learn the moves of Adyghe dances.

At the same time, a guitar concert was held in another hall, where people gathered together sing popular hits to guitar music.

Meeting with Andrei Raigorodsky and Alexei Savvateev

  • 16.03.2019

After Round I of the Olympiad, the participants met with the Head of the Caucasus Mathematical Center of the Adyghe State University (CMC ASU), Director of School of Applied Mathematics and Computer Sciences at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) Andrei Raigorodsky and the research advisor of the CMC ASU, the rector of the University Dmitry Pozharsky Professor MIPT Alexei Savvateev. The topic of the meeting was “About math in a fun and interesting way.”

In an interactive manner, Alexei Savvateev talked about the exponent, after which Andrei Raigorosdky continued the topic and showed that the exponent is a transcendental number. The meeting ended with arguments about diophantine approximations.

Round I of the Olympiad

  • 16.03.2019

This morning, Round I of the Olympiad took place, during which young mathematicians from 15 regions of Southern Russia and 10 foreign countries were asked to solve four problems.

As in previous years, in 2019, the Caucasus Mathematical Olympiad is held in two leagues:

 - Junior League:  students of Grades 8-9 in the Russian Federation and the corresponding grades in participating countries;

 - Senior league:  students of Grades 10-11 in the Russian Federation and the corresponding grades in participating countries.

The list of invited students from the Russian Federation has been published

  • 04.03.2019

The list of Russian students invited by the Coordination council to participate in the Olympiad has been published on our website.

The lists were sent to the regional departments of education. All participants can confirm their participation via email before March 7, 2019.

All participants arrive at the Olympiad as a part of the delegation of their region. The delegation consists of students and a team leader.  



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