Meeting with Andrei Raigorodsky and Alexei Savvateev

  • 16.03.2019

After Round I of the Olympiad, the participants met with the Head of the Caucasus Mathematical Center of the Adyghe State University (CMC ASU), Director of School of Applied Mathematics and Computer Sciences at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) Andrei Raigorodsky and the research advisor of the CMC ASU, the rector of the University Dmitry Pozharsky Professor MIPT Alexei Savvateev. The topic of the meeting was “About math in a fun and interesting way.”

In an interactive manner, Alexei Savvateev talked about the exponent, after which Andrei Raigorosdky continued the topic and showed that the exponent is a transcendental number. The meeting ended with arguments about diophantine approximations.